Native Call Recording and Transcription for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft have recently released an update on Teams Roadmap ID 83497. Teams will soon have the ability to record and transcribe 1:1 VOIP and PSTN calls. The call recording and transcription will be visible in your call history within the call details panel. This will be a huge feature addition for PSTN users.

Microsoft have advised that they will be rolling the feature out at the end of September for standard and GCC tenants with a view to having this completed by late October. The roll out for GCC-High and DoD tenants will then begin and Microsoft expect to have this completed in November.

What can you expect?

The call recording and transcription for 1:1 PSTN and VOIP calls will be visible in the call details panel within the history of each call. Users will be able to delete the recordings from chat and the recording will not show in call history.

Call Recording in Call details panel

Meeting Recording Chicklet in Call details panel

Call Transcript in Call Details Panel

Meeting Transcript in Call Details Panel

Enable the feature.

In order for this feature to be available, Teams admins will need to make sure that AllowCloudRecordingForCalls and AllowTranscriptionForCalling is turned on.

No information is available yet as to how or if this will be configurable to adhere to the various frameworks surrounding compliance.

Keep up to date with the Roadmap HERE.

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