New Teams Certifications MS-740 & MS-720

Following the beta release of the new Microsoft Teams Support Engineer certification ( MS-740 ) I was keen to see what Microsoft would have in store during their Inspire conference.

During their “Grow your Business with Hybrid Workplace” session Microsoft revealed that not only would the MS-700 exam be getting an update but also confirmed MS-740 and 720 ( Teams Voice Engineer ) certifications.

The full session can be found HERE. The information surrounding these additions can be seen at around the 27th minute mark.

MS-740 Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Support Engineer Associate

We already know that this associate level exam is aimed at engineers who support Microsoft Teams environments and have experience dealing with Microsoft Teams, Azure and other aspects of the M365 environment. According to Microsoft “Candidates should have significant exposure unified communications and hands-on experience with Microsoft Teams. In addition, candidates should have networking knowledge of Azure fundamentals, telephony, PowerShell, data storage technologies, APIs, app security, authentication and authorization, security, and compliance information, debugging, performance tuning, and monitoring.

This exam will evaluate the following skills:

Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams voice issues (15-20%)
Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Teams meetings and live events (20-25%)
Troubleshoot federation issues (10-15%)
Troubleshoot issues signing into Microsoft Teams (15-20%)
Troubleshoot teams and channels (10-15%)
Troubleshoot issues with files (15-20%)

For further information on the skills required or certification, head over to:
For more detail on the exam check out:

MS-720 Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Voice Engineer

This certification was announced during the Inspire conference and very little has been broadcast surrounding the contend or structure of this certification exam.

Given its title I would hazard a guess that, as with the MS-740, this is likely to be an associate level certification. Those seeking to take this exam are likely to be given scenarios around direct routing configuration, voice policies, licensing and dial plans as well as monitoring and fault finding. This is just my opinion at the moment but once more info has been released i will be sure to add it here.

I also hope that, given the fact that these three Microsoft Teams certifications (MS-700, MS-720, MS-740) are at associate level, Microsoft will look to combine these to form an expert level certification.

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