Citrix HDX Optimisation for Microsoft Teams.

Following the Citrix Synergy conference, Citrix have revealed their solution for integration with Teams. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops will get a feature rich user experience with HDX Optimisation.  The HDX Media Engine built into the Citrix Workspace app will safeguard optimized device and media handling.

HDX optimized Teams for Citrix is only currently available as a  private technical preview but is due to be rolled out shortly. It is anticipated that it will be available with the next release of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. You will need to move onto that VDA once released, as well as a future release of the Microsoft Teams client.

With many customers on Office 365 or migrating to Office 365, one of the benefits of this feature release is the ability to take advantage of an intelligent communication solution, as Microsoft Teams is bundled into Office 365. With built-in tools within Microsoft Teams, people can work more efficiently and stay connected wherever they are, on any device, through centralised delivery optimised by Citrix. Not only are you giving your employees a solution that helps them be more productive, IT teams also get the added benefits of centralised management. Because information such as data and chat logs stays in a cloud environment and are not stored on native devices, you’re ensuring better control over sensitive information. You can see how it works in the video from Citrix below.

Read the official Citrix announcement HERE.


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