Adding Direct Routing Numbers via Teams Admin Center

As part of a phone system feature update recently released by Microsoft, administrators will now have the ability to add telephone numbers and extensions for Direct Routing within the Teams Admin Center.

For the purpose of this post I have used a test environment and will be assigning one of the users a number for Direct Routing.

I checked one of the users details using Powershell and can see that he doesn’t have Enterprise Voice enabled. Users need to have the correct license in order to enable this.

By managing users from the Teams Admin Center I can edit their assigned call Here is Alex, I need to provide him with a telephone number.

By editing the general information for Alex I am presented with the options for adding a telephone number.

Once the information has been applied it is instantly displayed in the user’s information.

This information is also shown via powershell

As you can see, by adding the Direct Routing number , the user’s Enterprise Voice status has been automatically changed to enabled.

An extension number can also be added at a later date using the same method.

For individual updates to user numbers I think that this is a great feature and improves the efficiency of assigning Direct Routing numbers.

I hope this has been helpful and thanks for stopping by.


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