Teams Meetings.. The Look Ahead!

Microsoft have given us some nice features within Teams Meetings recently with the addition of 3×3 video, raise hand and background effects as well as increasing the number of Live Event attendees to 20,000. Hopefully June will be no different with Microsoft ready to roll out some new features that have been scheduled on the Roadmap and have hinted at yet another sought after addition.

Attendee limits.

First up Microsoft have announced that during June they hope to be increasing the maximum number of Microsoft Teams meeting attendees to 300 participants in order to meet the ever increasing global demand and the rapidly changing communications needs of customers. This was announced as part of their Roadmap ID 64225

Multi-Window Meetings and Calling experiences.

Under Microsoft’s Roadmap ID 57294, Multi-window experiences will be added to Teams Meetings and calling. This means that users will now have the ability to pop out meetings and calling into separate windows to help them maintain focus on their workflow..

Yet Another Increase to Simultaneous Video.

With the above features standing at the front of the queue right now Microsoft have also confirmed that Microsoft Teams Meetings may get yet another increase to the maximum number of visible attendees. Increasing from 9 to 49 simultaneous participants in the gallery. Under an article on their Microsoft Teams user feed back forum, a member of their engineering team is has indicated – We realize 3×3 is a start, but not good enough… as mentioned, we are continuing to work to include more videos during a meeting, as well as enabling support for mobile devices. Hence, the “partially done” status. Unfortunately Microsoft have provided no timescale for this update but they will no doubt be keen to get this over the line as soon as possible given that Zoom recently announced that its daily meeting participant figures were now showing 300 million users, an increase of 100 million users since march.

I’m looking forward to the new additions and I will be keen to see what else Microsoft has up its sleeve for the coming months.

For more info or for other Roadmap features head over to the 365 Roadmap HERE.

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