New Features For Direct Routing.

Microsoft recently updated their roadmap for Direct Routing ( ID 56507 ) outlining several new features that they plan to roll out throughout November. If you are unaware of direct routing, it allows you to utilise your own SIP Trunks or SBC to connect to Teams in order to allow PSTN connectivity for voice calls.

Test Sip Config with Powershell.

The first one that stood out for me was the SIP Tester . This allows you to run a PowerShell script in order to test the configuration of your SIP deployment. For people like me, who are responsible for the configuration and implementation of Direct Routing, this could come in handy.

Media Relay Override.

This additional feature enables you to change the default Media Relay to match your public IP structure.

New Bot.

The RINGBACK BOT, according to Microsoft, enhances the ringing experience for the caller by having a setup audio ring and a second ring for when the call is established. I guess what this means is that when an external caller makes a call into your Teams environment, they will hear 2 distinct ring tones. One tone for while the call is being set up and another once it is established and put through to the end user.

Missed Call Message Surpression.

This feature will enable you to route your calls to a 3rd party PBX without generating a false missed call message in Teams.

PSTN Reporting.

The Teams PSTN usage report in the Microsoft Teams admin center gives you an overview of calling and audio conferencing activity in your organization. You can view detailed calling activity for Calling Plans if you use Microsoft as your telephony carrier and for Direct Routing if you use your own telephony carrier.

The report can be found under Analytics & reports > Usage reports where you cn select a predefined range of 7 or 28 days, or set a custom range.

For full guidance on PSTN Reporting head over to the Microsoft documentation HERE.

Thanks taking the time to read my post and I hope it has been of some use.


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